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Capturing frames with WinUAE or FS-UAE

After hours of trial & error, I'm ready to give up

"Help me EAB community, you are my only hope..."

I would like to capture some animation frames from Shadow of the Beast 2. These HAVE to be pixel perfect so they can be easily edited.

What I tried so far:

WinUAE: Set FPS to 5 and pushed the PrintScreen button every animation frame.
Alternative: Recorded uncompressed AVI file and grabbed single frames via VirtuaDub.
Problem: WinUAE seems unable to display the Amiga screen at a constant pixel ratio. Either the window is too small so the screen is squashed, or the window is too big and every few vertical lines are thinner or thicker than the rest. I understand that this has been a topic here before but I still wonder why it's seemingly not possible.

FSUAE: Creates beautiful 1:1 screenshots, but no FPS adjustment or video capture so it's impossible to capture multiple frames of an animation.

Any ideas? (Besides using a GFX Ripper)
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