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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
I also did not question the usefulness of these motherboards. I questioned the size of the market/possible sales figure you seem to have so much faith on with no backing real information. I guess I am not a man of faith, rather of facts. And without facts, this discussion turns into speculation and fan-fueled fiction.

My attitude wasn't negative. I rather have Jens stay active and making stuff for us in a sustainable way than him doing something that drives his efforts to the ground because of a mis-calculation of demand. Then again, he knows what he is doing, and I doubt he'd do that. At worst, a small run of new motherboards might appear at some point.
@akira you said you read the Reloaded Wiki, It is explained there that they will first make a prototype Q1 2016, then take binding pre-orders to find out actual demand *before* any actual manufacturing is done. Only reason to do so is to minimize the risk. I'm sure he'll decide not to produce the boards if he gets too few preorders to cover the costs.. so I don't think there is any reason to worry about that part.
I can only guess, but with the A1200 vampire around the corner and new cases being made as we speak, I wouldn't be surprised if the demand for 1200 mobos would be greater than for overpriced 030 accelerators. I for one am keeping my original A1200 with 060 card. I'm getting a case from Phil so now I actually need a new mono (got a spare keyboard for now...)

Or maybe I'm misreading you again?
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