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No man, we read your posts carefully. It's just that you are making a very vocal statement which doesn't really mean anything.

We agree that Jens will/should target the original cases format. It is a reasonable/German thing to do So everyone can use an old case, or a Kickstarter one since they should be identical in measures. We agree.

And then you go: "But, BUT BUT, Jens ENDORSES the other case !!!11 one one ! eleven"
What does that mean in reality ? It doesn't mean anything. Sure, Jens may like them. We may even see a bundle some day, although I wouldn't hold my breath for that.

But a Kickstarter case will still be perfect for the new motherboard. And this is something you jumped to disprove (you said that it wouldn't be). Here lies the root of this silly argument, where you are basically negating, and then agreeing, and then accusing us of not reading carefully

Regarding this fact hunting...
It is downright silly. I didn't want to come across hostile, but what are these facts you talk about ?

Can you give me some facts ?
Is it a fact that my mobo will live forever ?
Is it a fact that I will be able to repair it even if it does break someday ?
Is it a fact that there are enough mobos for us to last forever ?
Is it a fact that there is no market for a new mobo ?
Can you sign a guarantee letter that my mobo will work forever ?
Will you pay the costs of repairs ?

You don't really have to answer these questions, they are just an illustration of how silly "facts" can be. As I said, there are very few facts left in the Amiga land. I don't know why are you insisting on this kind of talk.

Individual products have been selling well for years. Accelerators have sold in hundreds (well I guess this is one fact I can pull out). A lot of people (Amiga-wise lot) are interested in new mobos. People will (need to) buy them. I don't see any reason to doubt this. Ye of little faith are entitled to your opinion, and I respect your skepticism, but it's kinda silly to waste your time in threads about things you have no faith in.
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