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What eXeler0 said

And yes, I have seen the case(s) discussion. I believe I (and eXeler0) got it right. We may be wrong, Jens can shed shed some more light when he comes.

On top of everything, I do know some German. So I read German forums. Which kinda makes me a tad better informed than the non-German speaking crowd, if I do say so myself.
Now, I am not a market analyst, or in any case affiliated with any Amiga software/hardware developer, but my impression is that there is enough interest for this product to make it justifiable.

I am really glad your mobos are serving you well, and I hope I will have the same luck you do. But time is really working against us here. Do you think fixing the fixes on the 20 year old hardware has a bright future ? I don't know how many of them are still out there, but it is a finite number that only goes down with each year, not up. And even if you buy a replacement board it is still 20+ years old, just happen to be working still.

If Jens (or anyone) makes another batch of mobos, they can serve us for another 20-30 years. That, in my book, is "years to come". He said that he had a huge supply of chips, so this won't be a one-time 100-pieces run.

Used A1200 motherboards go for about 100 EUR. And they can die the next day. With new mobos we have warranty. Even if the price is higher. A choice is always good. I don't know why people get upset about upcoming products. If you don't want it, there are people who do.

Sorry I couldn't put up more facts. But there are very few facts left in the Amiga land. Most things require a leap of faith. This is mainly my feeling, and positive attitude
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