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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
People will use whatever case they want but Jens clearly stated support ONLY for the other model and if you had not read it there was some sort of argument between him and the french case makers on these forums. This doesn't stop anyone from using them though.
@Akira I Think you misunderstood this part. Jens did not officially support Phils kickstarter because he thought the other one was better. That however, is not the same as making the Reloaded mobo in such a way that it will only work with that other case. That would be pretty stupid and if you take the time to read the Reloaded Wiki this is what it says:

"Form factor

The Amiga became really popular when the A500 has hit the market: A computer in a keyboard case. We therefore mainly aim at the A500 case. A second target will be the A1200 case: We'll do everything that's possible to make one single design fit both these very popular cases. We've already heard calls to make it fit the A600 case as well, but that's currently on the "nice to have" list, and not a "must have". There is one prime directive for the form factor design: The target cases are classic computer cases, so "little to no" modifications shall be required to install the board."
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