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I worked out a solution to the HDF problem, and that was to simply copy the entire contents out to a partition using a Windows folder under WinUAE.

I finally managed to get the WHDLoad game that wouldn't run before to run this time, but now, after having packed up everything into an installer module that I make for my emulators, it no longer works - in fact, Workbench doesn't work anymore, and there seem to be files missing.

My guess is that after I copied the HDF files over, Windows said that the file attributes were pretty mixed up, with a lot of System files and so forth. I think what happened was that when I packed up the files with ImgBurn (which I use to maintain file integrity) it must've skipped the files marked with the System attribute.

In any case, I'm not doing any more today, but will try again and hopefully get it fully working tomorrow. I consider today a dry run.
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