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Originally Posted by Foebane View Post
I hit a snag: one WHDLoad game didn't run, and threw up a missing file error concerning "kick40068.a4000".

Looking around for the answer, I came across this info:

And now I don't know how to proceed.
Create a new folder called Kickstarts in your DEVS: directory.

Then download
You'll find kick40068.A4000.RTB somewhere inside.

Copy that file (kick40068.A4000.RTB) to DEVS:Kickstarts.

Then you'll need to source a 3.1 Kickstart ROM file for A4000 (version 40.68, be careful with the version, there are a few floating around) and rename it to kick40068.A4000. You can then copy it into DEVS:Kickstarts.


The same solution also goes for any other Kickstart request you might see with WHDLoad (1.2, 1.3, etc.).
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