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As long as software and hardware see CPU and it works there is no difference between softcore and hardcore HW. If 68080 will be ever build then for sure it will go same way as other CISC architectures (x86 is good example) - CISC are unrolled to uOPS and main CPU behave like RISC.
Technological progress made possible to implement whole Amiga (even with RAM and ROM) inside single IC, FPGA is used in natural development process to create ASIC and Custom IC's. When Amiga was designed such technology (reprogrammable HW) was highly limited (PROM, PAL, PLA), when MC68000 was designed it was only PROM technology that allow to reprogram HW.
Nowadays most of complex IC's is born at computers as software simulation - if someone is interested how complex is to create new IC i would recommend this video:
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