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USB MIDI 4 ports under WINUAE (OS3.9/OS4.1FE)

Hi Im new here. I bricked my x1000 so now im running windows 10 and Winuae with os3.9 and os4.1fe. Another reason is i got bored of waiting for os4.1fe fixes and delay of os4.2. So to keep a bit of the amigaspirit i installed winuae. Not the same thing as the 128mb filelimit, warp3d etc but at least some stuff works

My new specs i7 6700HQ, 32gb ram, 500GB SSD, 3TB HDD.

I used to run usb midi with 4 ports under Amigaos4 on x1000. Thanks to Lyle for the camd.library and usb drivers etc. However my favourite program hd-rec went opensource but no work on it and there wasnt much avaible that uses midi and latest amigaos4.1fe made hd-rec more crashy. Then theres my private stuff like work etc that makes you tired when coming home. A mix of stuff

On the usb i use 3 ports for 3 different hardware synthesizers. Im gonna sell all except keep one and continue on FL Studio and maybe renoise. But it would be nice to finish some tunes i started with 6 years ago. The thing is i can only use one of them as winuae i can choose one of the midi ports under midi settings in winuae press. I can choose one of the four.

Another solution is to use midi thru on my devices and then i can use all 3 but that means share the 16 midi channels between them. For my tunes i use 3 x 16 channels.

I tried with os3.9. I had to find some old camd.library from aminet and use midi prefs in os3.9 to choose serial.device. I see only possibility to choose one device.

So my question is can i somehow make winuae under os3.9 to choose 3 ports, thats use my 3 synthesizers connected to my usb midi. So that i can use 3 x 16 channels. Thats 3 midi ports for example in hdrec. Or am i limited to only one.

second question. can i emulate midi under os4.1fe (ppc emulation) the same way ? on os4.1fe we have to use camd.library that uses my usb midi. or can i just forget midi under os4.1fe under winuae ?

Just so i know what my next move is. If no solution then ill sell the equipment and keep only one. So i dont loose more time testing
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