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1) use lzx compressor utility:
its like the lha compressor you may use already, but they are not compatible.
so download latest version and put the executable in your c: folder.
example from within the cli/shell: lzx x whadloadgame.lzx

on the website above, there is a w95unlzx. this may still work on the windows 7/8/10 commandline.
so you can extract the lzx on windows and easily add it in your winuae setup.

2) if it is a realy hdd image, you can add them in your winuae setup.
they should if mounted in correct way, work like your normal harddrives
within winuae.
once mounted, maybe as DH1: , you can access them and modify it's content.

3) not sure here.

4) make a copy of the game folder in question and try with the copy first.
i think the whdload slaves are looking for specific filenames.
so renaming things inside the specific whdload game folder will not work.

hope this helps a bit.

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