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Thanks a lot James (you're the best) for those nice Aiss images and also for the improved drawer icon -please @tygre replace the Ken's drawer icon with his-.

It's hard to configure your best MUI configuration with the latest AMR version as it uses its own background that doesn't use all of the window.

Edit: There is a question that interests me: Will the background load faster from code or from the MUI prefs, or will it be the same?

I want AMR to start ASAP. If it takes the same time -surely- and it takes too long to start then I would prefer no predefined background at all. It isn't the same to try AMR on WinUAE with a fast PC and fast config than to run it for real in a not so fast Amiga without RTG.

Surely a "loading" bar -e.g. AmigaAMP uses it- could do the job and then you can wait a bit more for it to start -in fact we are loading some prefs and "skin" just the same way-. Yes, if you try it on WinUAE it loads instantly, but it takes some seconds to start in the real thing, so I think it should be included in any case.

Take it as a new suggestion @tygre

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