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Originally Posted by sigma63 View Post
OK, not to offend you but to be correct, there is a Footer *and* a Header.
Actually there is a copy of the Footer beeing part of the Header.

So i'm wondering if you only cut off the rest, where is the Header?

The Specs are downloadable from Microsoft and there are some Tools i have to test and playing with.
I just looked in the specs from Microsoft: link
For fixed disk image they write:
The space allocated for data is followed by a footer structure. The size of the entire file is the size of the hard disk in the guest operating system plus the size of the footer.
A fixed disk image only contains a footer while a dynamic disk image contains both a header and a footer. This is a fixed disk image.
I also wrote this image to a CF card using Linux 'dd' and it worked fine on the Amiga, so there could not have been a header present. Since the footer is gone, it is not a valid VHD file.
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