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G-sync / Freesync support (adaptive sync)

Since I got a G-Sync capable monitor recently, it would be very nice if WinUAE could support adaptive sync for perfect smooth motion. It seems that it works out of the box with most 3D games, even if they were not coded with adaptive sync in mind, so perhaps this would not be a big change to include? Perhaps this is a Direct3D feature? I could not find any information that this is possible using the current WinUAE.

From an emulation point of view and for video/audio syncronization, it seems to me that it would also be more optimal if the emulator could decide the exact output time of video frames instead of having to employ internal vsync algorithms with double or triple buffers to accommodate a fixed video clock.

My monitor can sync between 35-144 Hz (even 160 Hz if I enable overclocking) so it should work with PAL/NTSC 50/60 Hz or 100/120 using software black frame insertion for a more CRT like feel.
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