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Standard OCS/ECS 1mb ram. Even though I do have 2mb ram, I think you should aim for 1mb

Also, there are many genres that haven't been done properly on the ECS systems.... except by Mega Typhoon which is nice but too short and without music and buttfuck ugly - there's no good vertical arcade shmup on Amiga - something akin to stuff like Raiden or Truxton. And Mega Typhoon actually proves the Amiga could go for something more hectic than those games.

Also, beat'em ups. The amiga doesn't have one single *good* scrolling beat'em up on its entire library - and it could be done... something like Streets of Rage or Captain Commando. Or even something like Mighty Final Fight from NES.

A good turn-based RPG game, like Shining Force or Ogre Battle - even though this kind of stuff probably would be too much of work for a side-project, even for a pro like Dan.
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