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iUAE v1.1.0 released

We're very happy to anounce the immediate availability of iUAE V1.1 (An Amiga Emulator for iOS) on the Cydia store. If you own a Mac you can also compile from Source without the need to Jailbreak. Read for more on this. Github link is

This is a release that adds a lot of new features and bugfixes and makes the emulator much more useful.

The Project Team did grow a lot in the last couple of months. Only this made this release possible.

Here the list of new features:

-Support for Multiple Configurations
-Completely Redesigned OnScreen Joypad (Supports Up To Four Programmable Buttons now)
-Map Amiga Keyboard Buttons to Physical Joypad or Onscreen Joypad
-New GUI
-Configurable Onscreen Buttons to Map Keyboard Buttons (Thanks SimonToens)
-Support for df2 to df4 (Thanks Simontoens)
-Roms and Adf files can now be copied using Itunes (Thanks SimonToens)
-Various Crash fixes. Chaos Engine now runs. Turrican 2 is more stable (Thanks SimonTones)
-Enabled Sprite To Sprite Collision Detection. Games Like Archon and Gravity Force run now (Thanks Mithendral)
-Several New Options for Display Settings

Have a lot of fun.

PS: To stay up to date visit or follow @Emufr3ak on Twitter.
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