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Hi, I used to use vinegar before I tried lemon juice, all the normal vinegar seemed to work but not as effective as the lemon juice in my opinion. I believe that white spirit vinegar is supposed to be OK, I did try it but can't recall how good it was, on the plus side I generally used what was nice on chips but never tried the non brewed kind of vinegar

Don't feel bad about asking for help, it is what this forum tries to do and there are a lot of people who have become proficient and better solderers by doing their own repairs due to costs. The battery can be cut from the motherboard instead of de-soldering it, the main thing is to get it off as soon as possible and clean up what you can before tracks get destroyed and the likes.

In some cases like yours, it may be more practical to sell the non working 500+ as spares or repair and buy a 500 or an already repaired 500+. If you go down that route then keep your mouse and power supply as they will also work with a 500, 600 or a 1200.

Keep an eye on Ebay and Amibay for a replacement if you do go that way but do not spend silly money on a basic model OK

P.S. a 500 motherboard also fits your case, it may be cheaper to buy a working board, they do pop up now and then.
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