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Hi Alan,

until you find someone who may have a look at the damage from the battery leakage, it would be wise to remove the battery and put the board minus the metal shield into a plastic bowl and then treat the affected areas with some lemon juice to stop the damage from the battery continuing to eat away at the board and parts.

I use vitafit lemon juice from Lidls, its cheap and does a good job (its a bit like jif and is made from lemon concentrate). Just soak the areas that are bad, leave for a while then use an old tooth brush to remove more stubborn bits and rinse with water, this may take a few goes to get it clean then find somewhere warm to let it dry after getting rid of most of the water etc.

Realistically you may have to remove some of the socketed dips as the legs often get contaminated too (that battery stuff gets everywhere), the dips can also be cleaned using the same method as for the motherboard.

It is important to do the above in an area that is easily cleaned and to wash your hands properly after doing the work and also wear some old clothes. With a bit of luck the damage will be fixable so after its cleaned you could maybe upload some pictures of the board and maybe someone will help you out.

You need more than one message to do a few things on here like sending a Private Message (PM) and I think that goes for pictures too but I'm not certain as its been a while since I uploaded anything, so just reply to this and up your post counts etc OK.

All the best,
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