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Originally Posted by Amigajay View Post
Please explain in layman's terms for me please, to me a new piece of kit 'replicating' an older piece of kit is 'emulating' it, is it not?
Think of an FPGA as reconfigurable hardware. It is basically a bunch of logic elements which can be programmatically connected to form a circuit. A real 68000 CPU also consists of logic elements, however here they are hard-wired to a specific configuration. In theory, it could be possible to create a 1:1 replica of a real 68000 CPU in an FPGA if you desired (with some differences in level transition times and propagation delays etc. due to a different process and design of the logic elements). After programming it with the FPGA configuration on startup, it is running just like the real thing with no emulation involved.

Thus, the Vampire 2 is an accelerator just like the Blizzard/Apollo etc. cards from 20 years ago just with a massively faster software-upgradable CPU and SD controller instead of SCSI.
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