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Originally Posted by James View Post
I'll take a look, but not sure I can do any better...

Yes, it runs very well on WinUAE, but it lacks support for a few things, such as datatype saving. It would be great to see these features added and any bugs fixed. Sadly it looks unlikely at the moment.
Important to arrive on time and that the project is not abandoned. Currently, the only annoying problem that I see on my configuration are small white dots that are created when you move the icons with the mouse, This happens less on screen but more in the icons placed in the windows (see screenshot).

I also installed the 040 versions of FFplay/FFMpeg, so you might want to replace them with the 060 versions too, if you haven't already.
Already done

There was almost certainly a few other things, but I can't remember offhand.
This is getting off topic here so I'll post in the "Workbench for WinUAE" thread if I remember anything else...

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