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Based on every SNES 2.5D racing game I have seen it clearly can not do it. Top Gear is more like Lotus III on A500 really and has nothing like the roadside objects of Lotus 2 or arcade quality 2.5D update speed and smoothness. I would be interested to see a video of it running of course, happy to be proved wrong but there is no record of Lotus on SNES to be found on the internet let alone a youtube of a prototype rom running.

Amiga SotB has more than the SNES colour palette (which is not VGA style any 256 colours anywhere on screen in any combination either putting aside the inferior palette) and the sample engine works in a much more restrictive way on the SNES motherboard than Paula even though you feed it 16 bit samples. SotB to Amiga 1000 is Rescue on Fractalus to Atari 800. The top level is designed around the Amiga. All other versions look like PD games compared to the subtle elegance of the Amiga version. SNES can do SF2 better yes, SotB 1 no.

My comment about the CPC version of Gauntlet is more to do with the fact the IIGS had some very Apple II+ looking sloppy ports not comparing the CPC to IIGS, Gauntlet is one of them. CPC and C64 Gauntlet 1/2 look better than the old Apple II deriguer orange/blue palette which the IIGS release manages to replicate. I am sure done properly Gauntlet 1 or 2 on a IIGS should be identical to the Atari ST (which is excellent IMO) as Sodan is a lot like an STFM/STE version of the game and that is the most technically impressive IIGS game code I have seen (even though it is not a playable game level demo but an action replay type option of the Amiga version).
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