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Originally Posted by Amigajay View Post
Please explain in layman's terms for me please, to me a new piece of kit 'replicating' an older piece of kit is 'emulating' it, is it not?
Sorry to barge in, but I don't understand this. I have a brand new TFT monitor, 'replicating' my old C 1084. Is my new monitor an emulator ?

Let's try with a well established and recognized emulator - the UAE.
It is a piece of X86 software, runs on an X86 machine, and uses X86 instructions. It uses them to emulate 68K instructions and then run 68K software.

'Our' FPGA CPUs use 68K instructions and run 68K software. There is no emulation in between. Actually they cannot run anything else. You buy a Vampire card and you have an Amiga CPU.
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