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Originally Posted by Total Eclipse View Post
Hi all,

This is going to be slightly off topic. I'm trying to resurrect my old Atari ST external drive - it's a Power Computing Blitz Turbo drive (external enclosure with a blitz board built in). The FDD is poorly, and I've been looking for information as to what could be done to repair it.

Some time ago the original creator popped up on here (using the name sidepipe), but only posted in one thread -

I'd be interested if anyone knew who he was (the name Adam Hill sticks in my mind from the ST software, but that could just be the software author, not the designer), and whether there are any contact details? I've got a load of questions I'd like to ask about this drive.
Our friend sidepipe must have posted fewer than ten times, so his account has been cancelled and I don't therefore have access to his email address, which I would have done otherwise.

It's possible that RCK (the EAB Administrator) could help, but I'm not sure.

If you fail in your efforts to contact him, it may still be possible to repair your drive (As you may have noticed from that thread, I have one (or more) of those drives as well.), and we can confer about that later if you wish.

In the meantime, Good luck!
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