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Originally Posted by sigma63 View Post
Hello Demolition, your Image has a suffix of .vhd, but it is not really a .vhd (at least it has not the proper header) so you can't mount/use it in WinUAE!

Is there a way of converting it, i. e. prepend the proper header?
You are right - to be a proper VHD file it needs some extra data, although that is a footer, not a header. Since I simply cropped the file that WinImage gave me I also removed the footer, so an .img extension would probably be more appropriate.

If you use WinImage or Linux 'dd' to write the image back to a 4GB CF card, it should still work though (WI will generate an error when it reaches the end of the file which can be ignored). You can then dump the card back to a proper VHD file. I am not sure that adding the footer without appending all 4GB of zeroes would be valid.

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