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Originally Posted by Amigajay View Post
(or Amiga soul as we know it!)
This took a turn for the philosophical!
I would like to know what, to people, IS the "soul" of an Amiga.
Is it the CPU?
Is it the custom chips?
Is it the case?
Is it the OS?
What is it?

I am sure every person has a different definition from what I see here.

Personally replacing the CPU with an FPGA doesn't bother me. It's like if you got transplanted an artificial heart and you would consider yourself not to be human anymore. Would you? At least, I'd say you're some kinda cyborg

Basically to me an Amiga ceases to be one when people start turning it into what a PC was/is. Stuff like graphic cards, USB expansions, ugly PC-like tower cases, PowerPC processors, etc. For others, stuff like AmigaOS4.x and PPC are a must and to them AmigaOS IS the miga, which I strongly disagree with. They have a hardware-agnostic view.

As long as the Amiga remains in an original case, run by a 680x0 processor of any kind (FPGA implementation or not), driving graphics through its custom chipset, it's an Amiga to me. It's silly to say A500 is the "true Amiga" because we have many different models of true Amigas with this definition. And you can also turn any true Amiga into something else, for example, putting a PPC card in an A1200 (yuck).
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