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Originally Posted by ajk View Post
I think there were two rather different groups of users of Amigas in the 80s and 90s.

Some used the A500 as basically a games console, and the 1MB + floppy drive configuration makes most sense for that. This probably fits most of the people I know who had an A500 back then.

Others also used the system for graphics, sound, programming and also office software and in that case all upgrades were extremely welcome. I certainly remember that running Imagine3D on an A500, even with an A590, was awful A1200 + an accelerator made it a joy.
I would count me into both groups. First, Amiga 500 + 512kb + 2nd floppy drive + ActionReplay + 1,8MB + 3rd floppy drive with most gaming, demoscene stuff watching. Later some DPaint usage and mainly Protracker (still using from time to time). With A1200 user software becomes more important, hence several hardware updates followed.

Nowadays, when I seldom insert a floppy disk I also like the noise (memories) but mostly wonder it still works. But I don`t miss swaping disks, wait for loading, swap, wait aso. HD speed was/is so much relaxed. Maybe people like waiting for disk loading because they/we live in a busy/fast world and can relax then. However, sure A500 is a real Amiga but not only like others mentioned already.

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