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OK, It's time for me to come in again

First i would like to thank you all for your input and apologize for all who "wasted time" or got confused.

To clarify some Things: Surely the Idea from Oxygene to use a real drive is great, but unfortunately i (think i) have no such drive, which is known to be weak or have Errors.

So there was the idea of having a hardfile. I didn't know the term rdf to be a hdf with embedded RDB, so of cource i'm talking about an rdf!

And yes i understand that for now a hardfile could not have "errors".
What i want is a rdf, were the RDB contains some linked BADB-Block, regardless if they refer (in the rdf) to readable blocks or not.

If anybody knows for sure he has a real drive with such BADB-Blocks, it would be nice to know how they were created (by HDToolbox or other?) and is willing to share a dump of the RDBs only (no need to get the actual data-blocks)!

Otherwise i think i create simply a BADB-block by hand and see what will happen.

@Toni: i would like to see such "external geometry file support" for hardfiles also, but that has no high priority
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