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I have a voodoo 5500 myself, was a nice unreal tournament card back in its day. It was replaced by a hercules 4500 card, and that was replaced by an ATI 9000 (current game card).

I just buy the best bang for the buck and replace it as needed, I am not brand loyal. My first real 3d card was a orchid Righteous 3d voodoo 1, upgraded to a voodoo 2 from diamond that coexisted with a Nvidia TNT1, then I got voodoo 3 2000 followed by the 5500 and so on. I currently have the voodoo 1 in a p200mmx box that runs late dos early 3d games, the TnT1 is on a p2-400 with dual voodoo2 12mb's in SLI for later day glide games. The 5500 is in a burner machine p3-733 that doesnt get used for gaming, the hercules 4500 is in a spare PC I use once in a year for misc stuff.

Aparently i stuck by 3dfx for quite a while, did some experimenting with nvidia, and finally using an ATI. In the 2d era I used a few matrox cards (millenium1 , mystique 1, and a cheap M3d).
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