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Putting aside the difference in the much superior OS Kernal of Amiga 1000 I think whilst the IIGS is a nice machine I doubt very much Shadow of the Beast top level 1/Lotus II/Mega Typhoon and Unreal's 3D sections are possible on the IIGS. These are games a SNES with the same CPU could never do without a serious DSP inside the cart.

The IIGS seems to have had it's fair share of crappy II/e ports too like the shitfest that is Gauntlet for IIGS, it is in no way a rival to Gauntlet 1 or II on ST, not even close. In fact the Amstrad CPC version of Gauntlet is better I reckon

Sword of Sodan is probably the most impressive thing I ever saw on the IIGS but on the Amiga it is not exactly hitting the metal direct, it is clearly using the built in system routines to blit the huge animated objects and parallax scroll forground objects etc, but to be able to write your own system routines for sprits/blits/scrolling etc is not exactly easy which is why so few games had such ambitious graphics or wrote their own direct custom chip access environments.

Rastan doesn't scroll nicely regardless of emulating computer's CPU, but still it's better than the DOS version if not the NEC PC Engine one and because yanks stupidly never bought A1000s there was no conversion in the US and because it took nearly a year for PAL UK A1000s to be launched Imagine/Ocean would never have converted it to the Amiga either. Then again Beast1 is pretty much a reimagining of Rastan in some ways.

Worst thing about the IIGS? The emulators are horrible! Joystick via cursor keys in emulation? Forget it! Which sadly means I rarely want to try out any games on KEGS. And to make it worse keyboard controls of most IIGS arcade games use the numpad...........something not seen for half a decade on keyboards or 99% of laptops.
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