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Originally Posted by thomas View Post
Why not? The RDB is stored in disk blocks, 512 bytes per block, just like anything else on the disk.
Well, given what you went on to say below, indeed there's no reason at all why not.

Originally Posted by thomas View Post
A BADB list on the RDF would let the driver avoid some blocks and replace it by other blocks. That's what the BADB list is for. The avoided blocks would not be bad, though. You could test BADB handling with it, but if it does not work, you would not get read errors like on a real disk but just read the "bad" blocks which aren't bad. You would have to store some data in the blocks which lets you identify the original blocks against the replacement blocks.
If you had offered this information at the start instead of just "A hardfile cannot have read errors.", all this detective work could have been avoided. Then again, we wouldn't have such a popular forum here if all our questions were answered with a single post.

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