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I downloaded the file you attached last night and tried to extract it using dms professional, version 2.20 without any luck. I could view the contents of the archive, and it seems that what you have is a PC formatted 720K diskette that was archived with dms using the PC switch that TG mentioned. My attempts to extract the file were done using WinUAE though, so it might have worked if I'd been using a real Amiga instead. I may have one other option for you though. If the boot diskette in the archive is a MS-DOS 3.3 diskette, you might want to snag the one I posted to the Zone a few days ago before it disappears. The one I posted is an image of the IBM PC-DOS 3.3 boot diskette in WinImage format, and presumably WinImage could be used to write it back to an actual diskette, though I've never tried that myself. Thomas subsequently posted a version of that which had been converted to an extended ADF that works with emulators running under WinUAE, in case you might want that as well. Both should still be in the Zone for about another day, but if you miss them I will be happy to repost either or both for you.
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