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Originally Posted by amigaosx View Post
This is my first post so hi all!

I did Kipper's sound hack mod to my gotek and is not working.
I get a constant beep.
Here's a video with the problem: [ Show youtube player ]

I've used a magnetic type buzzer, here's the link:

The gotek is running great besides this soundhack on my A500.

Some pics of the hack (sorry for my soldering skills):

What I'm doing wrong?
So I did this sound mod today. Found a small buzzer that was plugged into the motherboard of one of my PCs. It worked for a while. Then as I came back to my retro room I could barely hear the buzzer anymore. Just a very faint sound when I put my ear into it. I also think the buzzer felt very warm.

What could be the cause of this?
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