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How to contact Laxity or Kefrens members ?


I would like to contact Laxity or Vention or any ex-Kefrens member.
The reason is I would like to add the Desert Dreams demo as an hidden bonus on a DVD I am making.
I would like to have their authorisation to do that.

The DVD is a non profit project and is only distributed to some Jean-Michel Jarre fans, about 40 people.

I have the 1993's address of Laxity and Vention from the Desert Dream demo, but I suppose in those days they were teenagers and lived on their parent's home.

Today, they are probably married with child and have probably moved.

If you know how to contact them but don't want to give me the address on this forum, I can give you the letter so you can forward it yourself.

Any help welcome, thank you. :-)
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