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Originally Posted by thomas View Post
You can flag any block as bad, but you cannot have true bad blocks in a HDF.
I agree, but I think the the OP is asking for an RDF.

From what I have seen in the RigidDiskBlock explanation, I imagine that if anyone had an RDF image created by HDTools from a hard drive with some BADB-Blocks, then these blocks would have bad block entries in the RDB and been substituted with replacement blocks from the reserved pool of spare disk blocks.

Therefore, at the filesystem level, there would indeed be no bad blocks and in that case such a hard file would be of no use as a testcase, unless the OP's proposed Disk Monitor/Editor is also intended for use at the low level.

Really, I wish to know whether, in this instance, I'm wasting my time trying to find a way of artificially creating bad sectors on an RDB image where there are none, as far as I yet know.
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