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I think there were two rather different groups of users of Amigas in the 80s and 90s.

Some used the A500 as basically a games console, and the 1MB + floppy drive configuration makes most sense for that. This probably fits most of the people I know who had an A500 back then.

Others also used the system for graphics, sound, programming and also office software and in that case all upgrades were extremely welcome. I certainly remember that running Imagine3D on an A500, even with an A590, was awful A1200 + an accelerator made it a joy.

The A500 probably very much is the "real" Amiga for anyone who was (or now is) part of the first group.

Personally, I did and do enjoy games but it wasn't really single-floppy platformers or shoot-em-ups that I played most. It was games like Lucasarts adventures, The Settlers, Frontier, UFO: Enemy Unknown, Wing Commander etc. which did not run all that well on a basic A500.
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