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Unhappy AVI recording 4GB limit


I am trying to record the "Desert Dream" demo to an AVI file.

I tryed using Huffyuv 2.1.1 or Uncompressed RGB, but each time the file reach 4GB, the begining of the file get erased by the subsequent data, resulting in a corrupted stream.

I would like to use a lossless Codec as my goal is to compress the video in MPEG2 using TMPEGEnc, to make a DVD-Video of it.

It seems to be the well know 4Gb limit of AVI 1.0 files :-(

For information this limit only arise when using the old Video For Windows APIs.
When using the new AVI 2.0 format of the Windows Direct Show routines there are no size limitation.

A workaround would be the create multiple AVIs, 4GB each, but this feature is not implemented.

Does any body have any idea to solve this problem ?

I think this is something that should be corrected in future version of WinUAE, as using loseless Codec is the only way to get a perfect quality result.

I'd like to have the point of view of Toni about this.
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