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An A500 with a single floppy drive (generally with 1Mb but sometimes only 512K) was what most of the classic Amiga games were designed for, and probably the system most people used at the time. It's the one that was most technically impressive for its price at the time, the one that drew most of Europe's best programmers in. it's probably what non-Amiga users (and certainly non-videogame fans) are most likely to think of when they hear Amigas mentioned too. So I guess it is the authentic 'classic' Amiga, yes.

For space reasons I don't have my Amigas with me in my flat, so I use WinUAE. I really hope they still work, as I'd love to play a game on a real Amiga t least once, just for the nostalgia of the physical experience and the loading noise (WinUAE's emulation of this still isn't quite right, and all the games available being cracks means you can't relive the weirder copy protection routines). But would I want to swap 11 disks of Monkey Island 2 again? No.
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