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Originally posted by Oscar Castillo
Yup! It was rare to see it. How Atari came to the conclusion to include a DSP in their systems is kinda baffling when other areas were in need of improvement.
Its all marketing. If you add a function your competitor is beating you over the head with your just validating that your competitor was right all along. If you add a function that your competitor doesnt have then you have something to beat them over the head with.

Its just a war on spec sheets, some of which matter, and some of which dont.

Remember the Nvidia and 3dfx wars? Nvidia argued that 32 bit color made all the difference in games while 3dfx said 32 bit color at 10fps sucks compared to 16 bit color at 40fps made it playable. Then when both companies had comperable 32bit fast boards 3dfx came out with hardware AA while Nvidia touted the high FPS. People were happy with either card at that point, but there was always a spec sheet battle going on, some of it quite heated.
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