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Originally Posted by turrican9 View Post
So I have Amiga 1200 with ACA 1233, 4G CF card with Classic workbench Advanced, Indy AGA, Amiga 600 with ACA 620, Indy ECS, 4GB CF cards with classic WB full and 3 Amiga 500s, ACA 500 with ACA 1221, classic WB full and my original Amiga 500 has a Gotek drive (which I regret cutting the case even though it was done nicely).

Most of this stuff I bought last year except my original Amiga 500 and one basic Amiga 600 which got into my house in the year 2000 (some kids left it here). My Amiga 500 is from 1991.

The point is I think all this stuff is cool but lately I find myself going back to basic Amiga 500 1MB and loading regular floppy diskettes. Sometimes I use the one with the Gotek also. Is this just nostalgia because this is what I was using back in the day or is it something else? What do other people in the forum think ? Is the Amiga 500 loading floppy diskettes the real Amiga for you?
Nothing beats booting a floppy disk on a real A500. The sound, waiting, smell of the machine, all bring back memories
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