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Originally Posted by ifrit05 View Post
Sigh. I might just buy a PATA SSD and be done with it. Gotta find a 4GB one...
That might also not be so simple. I bought a 16GB KingSpec 44pin PATA Disk-On-Module looking similar to the one you linked, but I could never get it to work in the Amiga. It would work fine in the PC, but remained invisible to all my Amigas. Some other people who had the same brand and type of SSD used it without problems in their Amigas, so there can apparently be some differences.

I ended up using the SSD in my retro-PC instead.

Regarding your CF troubles, it sounds to me like it is indeed caused by your card reader. Some people had similar trouble which were fixed by using another card reader and/or another USB port (hubs can cause trouble).
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