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Originally Posted by demolition View Post
The VHD file is just an image, so there is no 'file format' involved so it should work. You will receive an error message when it is done writing because the image is smaller than the destination, but this can just be ignored. The card should be usable after that.
I renamed it to .img and dd'd it from an old Linux laptop with a PCMCIA to CF adapter and it completed successfully. Using the same adapter the Amiga see's the partition details but on WinUAE it's just showing the same errors. I'm really thinking that it's just the USB AIO card reader I have...

Sigh. I might just buy a PATA SSD and be done with it. Gotta find a 4GB one...


Well I just ordered one of these with a 44 pin male to male adapter so I can format it and connect it with WinUAE with my USB to IDE adapter.

I really just want to get this machine up and running. :\

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