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Originally Posted by thomas View Post
In DiskPart try


then safely remove the card and plug it in again.

Don't you have any floppies for your real Amiga? Any bootable disk with HDToolbox or HDInstTools should do. Once the card has been prepared, it should be recognised by WinUAE for OS installation, too.
Still creates a logical after the fact. I do not have any bootable WB disks, and my GoTek has issues booting on my A1200. ("LBA switch failed" something or another, works fine on my A500)

Originally Posted by demolition View Post
WinUAE sometimes need to run as administrator before you are able to access the card fully.

I put a cropped image of a 4GB CF card into the zone. It contains two PFS3 partitions. Use WinImage to write it onto the card and see how it works after that. It oftens works for me and avoids the hassle of setting up all the details right (maxtransfer etc) since that is already configured if you can accept the existing partition sizes and types. They just need to be formatted before you can use them.

There can be the issue with the last partition if your card is a little smaller than the one I used to create the image on.
I am running in admin mode. The vhd has issues with winImage on my end, it cannot read it.


Well I got my USB to IDE adapter out and set up a 500MB partition on an old 2.5 inch drive and transferred over the ClassicWB install. It had no problem detecting the drive parameters so it must be something with my AIO card reader.

On my real Amiga I used my PCMCIA CF adapter and changed the tooltypes to look for compactflash.device and low-and-behold my real Amiga detected the SanDisk card parameters and I formatted it.

Back in WinUAE it now says RDB for the CF card but It still wont show up on the Workbench. :\

Is there any more info I need to share? I don't want to leave any info out.
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