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Amiga PPC etc...

Right if you viewed my SWAP thread you'll know I now own a PPC-BVision a1200.. anyway a few questions because I have never owned an Amiga this souped up (Was an 040/25 before!)

anyway Questions are:

1). I use an SVGA monitor.. correct? if so how do I use progs that don't support native for GFX screens (Games, early bootup etc..)

2). Games.. how? WHDLoad is a big reason for owning this setup.. are the Amiga native screens "promoted" to run on the svga monitor etc..

3). can I still use my 1084s monitor?

4). Is it possible to get hold of a PPC ver of UAE that uses the 020/040 chips on the mobo/blizzard so that EMULATING is not required (only unsupported functions etc..) this would mean games "Should" run at full speed (except old blitter or cpu instructions )

5). Is OS4.0 PPC only? or should I read up on this?

6). If os4.0 is PPC only, then can the UAE use the 040 cpu (see Q 4) to emulate at full speed?

I'll think of more
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