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Amiga Emulation on Nvidia Shield or Windows Bay Trail Tablet

Not sure if this is the right place to post this question, here goes!

First off I already own an A1200 + 030 Accelerator with 4GB CF Drive running Classic Workbench. What I'm aiming to do is emulate this system on a Nvidia Shield or Toshiba Encore (Z3740 + 2GB Ram - One of the better Bay Trail Tablets) Windows 10 Tablet, Both have fast 128GB MicroSD's, I also have a Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard

I've Noticed as well as WinUAE there is also FS-UAE, I haven't kept up to date with the Amiga this last couple of years so no idea which is the best emulator any more?

I'm basically asking..

What's the best Amiga emulator?

Which Tablet would emulate a A1200 + 030 Accelerator with the least problems?

Is there a way I could transfer the contents of my 4GB CF from my real Amiga to a Tablet and just have it boot up to save me re-installing it all through the emulator?

Any other input gratefully received, thanks guys
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