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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
That's only because 1MB became standard, but 4MB Fast RAM never did, so there's no reason to include it.
I know you were talking about speed and not quantity.
Well...First ever AGA Amiga the world saw shipped with the following specs: 040 CPU, 2MB Chip 4MB FastRAM. ��

Anyway, this discussion is quite irrelevant. The important thing is that the Dev can find the strength and motivation to finish the project. As we all know, starting projects is real easy, finish a polished, fun game that pushes the hardware to its limits.... is rare and will require the Dev to "walk the extra mile". EDIT: --> (Whatever target platform he chooses for his project) <--
But just out of curiosity, you say this a lot; that AGA games have barely scratched the surface of what's possible.. What magic is it you envision when you repeat this..
What is it about games like SlamTilt, SuperStardust, Banshee, Street racer, GeneticSpecies...etc.... that barely scratch the surface of what a vanilla A1200 can do?

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