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Originally Posted by Foebane View Post
So why is WinUAE on AF neutered so much?
I've been using AF for years and it's always worked pretty well for me. If you know how WinUAE works then at the very least it's a cheap, legal way to get the ROMs/Workbench files.

As to why it's 'neutered', AF's designed to be a 'media player' type experience and I think it serves that purpose well. I think a few things may have been added to WinUAE to enhance AF's functionality but for the most part Amiga Forever has been written around WinUAE to keep things simple.

Personally, I love the RP9 idea since it keeps ADFs, images, PDF manuals and configs all together in one file but for using a 3.9/4.1 desktop I run WinUAE standalone (AF's 'undo' feature is nifty too).

BTW, you can always update the version of WinUAE AF's using to a more recent one (even if Software Manager won't) but since AF's written around WinUAE functionality at the time of its release, it may not always work if there's been fundamental changes to WinUAE.
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