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I wonder how many people now run unexpanded A1200s?
(Its not a pointed question, I am actually interested in the answer).

With the availability of aca1221s for example, the use of CF hard drives for WHDLOAD (which then pretty much requires 4 meg fastram minimum), and the expandability of the a1200, I would expect most to be running at least a slightly expanded a1200.

If anticipating this did not benefit the game however, then as has been said, just go for base spec, but if it meant something extra could be achieved, I dont think 4 meg of fastram is unrealistic.

But has also been said, do whatever YOU want. I am just pleased to see people writing and releasing new games for my miggy!

And in answer to the original question, I vote a1200 if it allows you to produce something noticeably better/more interesting.
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