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How is WinUAE tied into Amiga Forever?

WinUAE is an excellent standalone downloadable emulator for the Amiga series of computers, and this version also has the most recent patches and updates, but I'm wondering what Cloanto does to it when they use it in their little package for newcomers?

My experience was that I bought Amiga Forever 2012, but always found the emulation rather bad, unstable, glitchy and just prone to crashes. As a result, I figured that WinUAE was always this way (maybe it was back in 2012, I don't know) but what really galled me was that I could not update it properly through Amiga Forever unless Cloanto (or someone else) released updates for it in the Software Director tool for such purposes.

And then I found out (well, was told, actually) that I could use the standalone WinUAE with the ROMs (however, I'm certain that one time I did, they were incredibly unstable and seemed corrupted). But that was years ago, and I've found lately, in the last year, that emulation on standalone WinUAE works much better than I've ever known it to. I was afraid of skipping / pausing video and audio for a long time but for the hundreds of demos I've run recently, I haven't seen any trace of that.

As of now, I've kept the Shared folder from my AF2012 disc (which contains WB ADFs, WB installs and HDF files as well as ROMs) and I use it as the basis of my standalone WinUAE emulation and I've never been more satisfied. So why is WinUAE on AF neutered so much?
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