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Finished adding all the ADFs to the tracks. I have the rar archive uploaded to Google drive here. File is about 300MB. Just unpack the file to the root of the USB stick used for the Gotek. Overwrite your own selector.adf (take backup if necessary). Top Games folder should be in the root when unpacked. Also the word document with the track list is there. Its best to just print it out for use with the Gotek and Amiga.

A few tips on the Gotek.. if you want to skip alot of tracks faster then just hold the track selection button. it will then speed up. To get back to track 0 just hold both buttons.

Please notify me if the link does not work.

Edit: for some reason I cannot get the tracklist to work when I copy this selector.adf over to another usb stick. I can see all the games are on the tracks but they refuse to load. I will investigate further

How strange. Trying to clone the USB stick with Acronis True Image now. See how that goes...

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