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Originally Posted by ajk View Post
I would allow the A1200 a few megabytes of Fast RAM and a hard drive. That was a very common configuration, similar to an A500 having the extra half meg of RAM and a second floppy drive.
Hard drive installability or dependence is a must, since we had Amigas sold with in-built hard drives since 1992 at least. RAM not as much.

Saying an A1200 needs Fast RAM to realize its full potential when AGA games barely scratched the surface of a stock A1200 setup is totally wrong, there's much to do on stock setup and people, blinded by expansion availability, always get sidetracked and cave in and use that because it's "easier". Can't fit it in 2MB RAM? Make 4MB Fast a requirement. That's never a good approach. Unless the game is worth that upgrade. When people release shitty Backbone games that look like 8-bit computers but need 4MB of RAM, you can tell something is wrong.
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