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Made a Gotek 21 - 512 tracklist with USB image file for download

So I just made a complete tracklist for my Gotek floppy emulator. I handpicked known or good game titles. I made the ADF list in word and have put all the selected games in it's own folder. I will start to put all the games in their respective tracks on the 'selector.adf'.

If there is any interest I can upload the word document (consist of 18 pages. track 21 to 512), games folder and selector.adf (whole USB drive image needed to be uploaded). I think this should be a very neat solution. I left the first 20 tracks out of this list for use with other stuff. I also made empty ADFs for games that require a savedisk. Games like Dune II have Disk 6 as savedisk (renamed the last disk) and Pirates! has Disk 3 as savedisk (also renamed). For other games I named the empty ADF with same name as game ADF and put a '_Save' at the end. So if there are any interest I will try to compress it and find a place to upload it. Oh, and there are no AGA titles here as this list was made for my Amiga 500.

Edit: The list will be from track 21 - 512.

Purpose of this is download my image, write the image to your USB stick with the USB image program that comes with the download, use the word document that also comes in the download to see a list (recommend to print it out) of what games are in what slots and just select any of the games I handpicked without the need to boot the selector file. In addition the whole gamebase (all AGA games removed because I originally made it for a 4GB stick and intended it for ECS/OSC Amigas. Now that it is for 8GB USB drive one could add the AGA titles if wanted.) is on the USB drive so you could boot up the selector if wanted and assign more games to the list. Also there is a collection of good demos on the USB drive. The reason I had to make images of my USB drives is because if you copy the selector and contents manually the pre-filled track selection will not work. It's quite the work to sit there and add 500 games to the tracks. So I share these images so it will be easy for people to just write to their own USB drives and use my track list. This is for the Gotek with Cortex 1.05a firmware.


Complete upload link (2.86GB download winrar archive. This one requires your email address to download) with the USB drive image, Word text document with the tracklist and Image USB program to write the image to your USB drive. Note: needs at least 7.22GB USB drive to write the image correctly. 8GB USB drives should be perfect. Anything over that is fine but it will only appear to be as large as the image written anyway.

Updated download link for the above mentioned 8GB USB Image winrar archive. This one is hosted on my Google drive so no email address required to download. Please let me know if you have problems downloading it

Here is the 4GB Image for those who have 4GB USB drives. Download is 1.83GB.

Track list only (just the word document)

Updated Google Drive link for the tracklist only.

Note: On a Gotek with Cortex firmware a few games like Space Hulk, Goal and Soccer Kid cannot swap disks with only one Gotek. However, I have tested these games with two Goteks used as DF0 and DF1 and got them working. Also, for Cannon Fodder it is impossible to make a save on a Gotek with Cortex firmware due to Cannon Fodder using a special custom save disk. It can only be converted to extended ADF which will be a 2MB ADF file. The gotek only supports regular 880KB ADFs. You can however save in Cannon Fodder if you connect a regular disk drive as DF1 and use a regular floppy to save this one game. Cannon Fodder 2 and most other games I've seen uses regular 880KB ADF for saving and have no problems.

Originally Posted by turrican9 View Post
Here is my new tracklist. Am currently working on making the USB Image into a winrar archive and uploading it. It will include the word document with the tracklist (the one that is linked for download in this post) and it will include the Image USB program so you can write the 7.22GB USB drive Image to any USB stick that is 7.22GB or more.

Update: The download file will be 2.86GB. Uploading as I wrote this. When this image is written to a USB drive using the Image USB program that comes in the archive one can use the USB stick in any Amiga Gotek drive with the latest Cortex firmware and load any image from the tracklist that comes with it. My latest tracklist goes from 21 to 512. In addition there is alot of other games and demos on the USB image. All AGA games are removed as this was meant for Amiga ECS/OCS machines and the possibility to make it friendly also for 4GB USB drives. Allthough this image will require a 7.22GB or more USB drive. I did this to have extra space to add more stuff.

And of course the purpose of all this is to have all the good/more known games easily available without the need to boot up the selector menu. The really large games like Monkey Island 2 and in general games with more than 5 disks was removed from my latest tracklist because I cannot imagine many people wanting to do all the diskswapping nowadays. They can still be found in the drive though and put in other tracks. Oh, and I just remembered that the folder where all the games are stored on the USB drive is called "Spill" which is the Norwegian word for "Games". This should not be a problem anyway I guess. But don't rename it because I don't think the tracklist will work correctly then.

Here is how the list looks. It consists of 18 pages. I printed it out for use with my Amiga.

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